Hand me that pessimism repellent spray...

These are trying times for those of us who are natural optimists. There’s a lot of shady shizzle going on in the world right now and sometimes it can feel like my bright light of optimism is attracting a swarm of pessimistic mosquito’s!

I have always preferred to look for the silver lining because looking for the negative is so bloody depressing! To try and be anybody other than I am isn’t serving the highest vision of myself, but there have been times when I’ve felt the need to cover my light, tone it down a bit for the sake of others.

Reflecting on this contraction, and what is required of me to expand again, this admission is important to acknowledge. There is nothing wrong with questioning your view of the world and its validity, but where I want wrong was suppressing my superpower. My optimism has been my core strength. The light was how I found my way out of the darkness.

I was questioning the validity of my Soul. Feelings of fear, shame and guilt were at play. I was allowing my desire not to stand out, be perceived as shallow or ignorant to question my own voice, and inner nature.

In that self-censorship, questioning and policing of myself I began going against all the things that I have intrinsically known all my life, and core parts of the message I live my life by and have taught for years.

Feeling guilty, ashamed or fearful of being optimistic in a world where many people are suffering due to their position in society based upon economic power, gender, the colour of their skin (insert any the tool of oppression of your choice) is not helpful.

It is possible to live in a world where these injustices are real and need to be challenged, and remain optimistic and shine my light. My optimism does not diminish another person’s suffering. My faith that things can change shines a light on those areas of darkness that we must address. It doesn’t mean life won’t be hard sometimes.

Sharing optimism is essential. The moment I try to hide my light of optimism, to become a more acceptable and palatable version of myself is the moment I become an imposter, unfaithful to my Soul. Losing optimism indicates there is no hope of creating change, to accept the status quo. That is not how we grow as individuals or as a society.

Optimism is my superpower and something that I embody. If I don’t express that superpower the Universe will see me as being less than I am, less deserving of the abundance that is my birthright.

The Soul of my business needs me to the best version of myself so we can create together a world of service, money, values etc that enable me to express my Souls work.

What superpower have you been suppressing that you’re ready to give centre stage in your life as we move forward into interesting times?

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