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Imagine your business is a person...

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Imagine your business is a person...

Sounds a bit odd, but this is a really great tool to help you market your business and attract your ideal client.

Firstly let's look at what attracts us to a business?

Often we may start to talk about the efficiency of the service or the value of the product or service. But that is our surface-level experience. Our attraction to that business runs much deeper. It attracts us as we recognise a quality that speaks to our soul.

Think about your friendships. It's not the speed with which they answer our calls, or how good they are helping us to chose what to drink in a coffee shop!

We are attracted to friends because of their soul characteristics. Are they friendly, adventurous, serene, supportive? Have they got great personal style, or embody a particular lifestyle?

Your ideal clients are attracted to these same characteristics in your business. It can be the characteristics of its personhood, - how it looks - and its personality - how it behaves and the experience your clients will have in its company.

Try to imagine your business as a person and do this simple exercise...

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