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Create a successful soul-centered relationship with your energy and your environment.

Stop wondering if it's possible, and start taking action to access the secret world you inhabit!

I'm really excited that you're here, you're willing to take what you feel inside, and do something wonderful for yourself, and create the success you deserve!

I've created a "never been done before" programme, for women who are willing to make a serious commitment, are prepared to commit the resources and who wish to have the competitive edge in your business

We're not taught about the more-than-human realms of consciousness, we are brought up to see plants and animals as less than human.  Yet creation makes us all as equals, from the tiniest ant, to the giant tree.  Who are we to put ourselves above another?

Are you ready to see what happens when you start listening to, and finding alignment with the powerful forces of the natural world?

Are you ready to open yourself up to new experiences?  Are you ready to be challenged?

"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.  Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less." Marie Curie


  • Feeling that your spiritual life is missing 'something'?

  • Wondering what could give you the competitive edge?

  • Tired of waking up feeling that you're not doing enough?

  • Feeling that there is a deep bond with your nature but you don't have a method to work upon it?

  • Feeling unsure about expressing your desire to develop personally and spiritually with nature and your environment?

  • Longing for a method you can use within your daily routine that will connect you to the more-than-human realms of consciousness?

  • Ready to commit to yourself on a new level to get next level results?

  • Wishing you felt a part of nature, at one with the natural order and cycles?

  • Dreaming of being able to work towards a deeper connection in private and at your own pace, without deadline, assessment or an audience?


  • You can open your path to discover other realms of consciousness.

  • I teach you my step by step system that I personally used to work one to one with clients to bring them, their homes and their business into conscious alignment.

  • You can identify the dietary requirements of your horse and meet them.

  • You can identify natural remedies to support health and wellbeing.

  • You can work with your in-formation fields of the chakra's, aura and others?

  • You can learn how to work with the  Genius Loci - the spirit of place - to create healthy, fertile land.

  • You get help with all of the dowsing and geomancy techniques to help you heal your landscape. What if you could feel truly aligned with the space where you live with your horse?


  • What if I can't do it?

  • Do I need to be psychic? Isn't all this psycho-babble?

  • What if I can't learn the techniques?

  • What if I'm the one person Fay can't teach? 

  • What will people think if I really step up and do this?

  • What if nature doesn't respond?

  • I'm scared that there may be things I won't be able to handle!


Many branches of modern science are concerned with consciousness and the nature of reality.  We are brought up to look upon the real world as 'a given'.   Yet we also know that consciousness creates reality.  By observing the world, we create it. 


Scientists now propose that the human perspective is not the only observation required.   In fact observation is wired into the specific nervous system of all creatures. 


So everything creates reality as a collective, this collective is the natural world!  We are part of it, not separate from nature!

'You are the Universe' and 'the Universe is in you' are truths.  As someone who sees energy fields permeating and surrounding everything, in a constant state of in-formation I understand that our thoughts, feelings and actions manifest the reality we experience, for good or bad.

The non-spatial nature of consciousness means that any apparently inanimate object can be conscious.  Every tree, rock and flower is part of that conscious, and we can learn to communicate with it, as we can with animals.  It does not require us to engage our logical verbal mind, but the subliminal and subconscious minds.

Geomancy is a technique that we can all learn that allows us to access the information available to these minds, in a way that makes sense to our logical mind.


  • 3 months of support with me as your mentor​

  • Bespoke one-to-one coaching in dowsing and geomancy techniques

  • Access to my extensive online course content and materials

  • Accountability to keep you on track

  • Workbooks to assist your learning and development

  • Free access to my Dowsing Academy

  • Knowledge and tools that have taken 20 years to develop are yours in 6 months!


  • You are not willing to learn and implement new ways of thinking and being

  • You have no interest in working with nature and land as conscious beings

  • You are not willing to have your beliefs and perceptions challenged

  • You believe yourself to superior to wider nature

  • You are in a state of financial fear and reluctant to invest in yourself

The Sacred Feminine Living programme is a premium level investment.  It is for inspired female entrepreneurs who are ready to step into their power and reconnect to nature through direct experience...

For those looking for a more exclusive service who:

  • are looking for the competitive edge

  • want to give themselves the very best

  • want to increase well-being, performance, and success

  • want a professional and comprehensive geomantic service for their home and business environment

We offer an exclusive tailor-made service so that you can rest assured that the needs of your environment are communicated, and any remedial work required by the land is being performed discreetly.

Fay can perform the tasks remotely from her location using distance dowsing and geomancy techniques and will liaise with you as to any action required on site.  Sessions and performed on a quarterly basis to coincide with seasonal changes in relation to fluctuating patterns within the energies of the landscape.

In between session you will have access to an on-line programme that will guide you through the techniques and practises Fay uses, together with the Sacred Feminine Living Facebook group for the Fays' select high-end clients.  Within this group you will find support, training and access to guest expert material.

As this is such an in-depth experience Sacred Feminine Living is an intimate group for those serious about making in depth change to themselves, their lives and their understanding of the very nature of reality.

Sacred Feminine Living

1:1 12 month programme


Payment plan of £1,000 per month

In full and pay only £10,500

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