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Soul Infused Business -
Mentoring to uncover the sacred intersection where your soul qualities meet the genius of your business and the needs of your clients and community.

Practical business strategies with soul-rooted vision and energy alchemy practices to nurture and grow your business in joyful partnership with its soul, and yours.

Soul Infused Business Mentoring comes in 3 tiers to meet you where you are on your entrepreneurial journey

The Soul Infused Business Launchpad (Tier 1) -  a group programme to create, build and grow your business even if you have no business, no product, no email list ... and even no ideas! You feel that inner judge that your own business is the way to go...
Also suitable for those looking to grow their existing business.  This programme will enable you to launch an offer you KNOW the market will buy and hit consistent 2.5K months.
We will work with the Soul of your business as it establishes its presence in your world.

If you decide to upgrade to Tier 2, the Accelerator during, or at the end of the programme the cost of the Launchpad will be discounted from the Accelerator.

The Soul Infused Business Accelerator (Tier 2) - a group programme is for those who want to go all in! Create and build a scaleable high ticket business for a life of financial abundance and time freedom.  We will be using all the business-know from Tier one together with strategies to scale into high ticket that sell with ease.  Using a mix of business know-how, energy alchemy and imaginative journeying you will work with the Soul of your business to create from your heart, embody your gifts, meet the needs of the world and serve from a place of beauty and wholeness.
Create a business you love, and a lifestyle you want.

Soul Infused Business Private Mentoring (Tier 3) - Private 1:1 mentoring for women who have already reached a level of success.  You have your team, you know your market and your business runs like a well-oiled machine  But you sense that there is more to access than your visible horizon.  You want to transition into a deeper level of working with your creation.  Private mentoring focuses on your deep soul connection to your path and its expression through the Soul of your Business.

Soul & Strategy Power Hour - My strategy sessions are an hours process, conducted over Zoom and you get a simple pdf in advance to guide you through the process of how to prepare and what to expect to get the most from the session. I want to make sure I offer the most useful solution and identify your order of priorities.  At the end of the session you will have a better insight on what to focus on next.  If you want a session or three with me to: consider a new direction in your business; streamline your offers; develop specific strategies in alignment with your values; gain clarity around and transform a specific issue or pattern, or something else related to your business (it’s all related!), LEARN MORE


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