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I've been working in the fields of energy and consciousness for over 30 years.  But chances are you've never heard of me!

It is only recently that I've felt guided to bring my work to a worldwide online audience.  I see now that during these years the lessons I've learned and the experiences I've had HAD to happen to enable me to be of the deepest help to the female entrepreneurs, leaders and change-makers that I support.


Since I was a teenager I've been building my knowledge, working behind the scenes, out of the public eye, attracting clients through word of mouth referrals.  I've been one of the best-kept secrets there is! 


And here's why...


I wasn’t very old at all before I realised that other people do not see the things I see. 


Others did not see the very air alive with colour and form, they did not see the holographic fractal and kaleidoscope patterns that surround and permeate everything around us.  Nor did they see how nature works with the energies of landscape in their direct experience each day.

I believe developing the human and nature connection benefits us all, on individual and collective levels.

My mission is help you achieve a happy, healthy life in a holistic way, to enhance the human relationship with Mother Earth and to reach the highest levels of communication and connection possible.  I am committed to helping YOU reconnect through direct experience to create the achievement and success you deserve.

“I will never forget that moment when I first connected on a profound level with a consciousness of the more-than-human realms.  I was only a young child.  It was both a comforting experience, to know that everything around me was a companion, and yet also slightly unnerving to realise that what I felt and knew to be true, was dismissed by most as fantasy, the workings of my own imagination.  It took many years, and much reading to understand that what I saw was at the heart of science, philosophy and religion.  It was a connection to the divine source.

It also took many years to realise that by dismissing intuition, women's natural curiosity and connection as old wives tales, nosiness, witchcraft and all the other derogatory terms used to describe our natural state, we were being denied a connection to the very essence of what it means to be a woman, our source of power to determine our own lives, the Divine Feminine."

Why I do what I do...

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It was nature that saved me.

It showed me how I was not helping myself to achieve my true potential by being afraid to shine my light.  It showed me how to be true to myself.

I took natures' advice and followed my own path.

I'm always excited about what's around the next enticing bend...

To me everything is connected, alive and conscious.  I mean everything, the fauna and flora, the water, the air and the earth, and beyond...


It is all intimately interconnected and able to communicate in ways that people do not appear to see, feel or hear, let alone understand. 

But living with seeing the un-seen is not without its difficulties.  I learned to shut up and ‘fit in’, to keep my head below the parapet for fear of ridicule and humiliation. 

But holding everything in was like trying to squeeze an elephant into a matchbox! No matter how hard I pushed bits of it would burst out suddenly in unexpected places.

The effects of constraining parts of myself, not living true to who I am meant that my life went off course and I ended up in a very bad place.  I was completely disconnected from my own life, disconnected from the very patterns and energies I saw everyday!

I was in an abusive marriage, struggling financially, isolated from my family and friends.  I spent my days and nights paralysed by fear, barely existing and surviving.  That dichotomy between the reality of my experience, and the beauty and abundance I saw in the world around me hurt deeply.  I struggled to continue, the days passed in ablur of pain and adrenaline.  I didn't know what to expect at any moment and my sole focus was keeping myself and my children safe. 

But finally, I couldn't take it any more.  After years and years, I was broken, the slightest thing made me cry, the gaslighting had me doubting sanity and reality.  The pain in my body was intense, and I sensed from my husband a malevolence I have never seen before.  Hatred literally poured out of him and at that moment, in the final encounter, everything changed.  I saw the spirits of the land of the farm where we lived screaming at me to run, so save myself and my children.  As soon as he drove his tractor across the field we escaped with a few bags of belongings, my old car and nowhere to go.  His last comment, with their icy threats of what was in store for me that night still ringing in my ears


Connecting with the more-than-human consciousness all around us was my solace, but I was not actively pursuing it as my passion, my purpose.  I knew that they had given me the courage to do what needed doing.  Despite being finally free and being able to breathe for the first time in 12 years, I also experienced a profound sense of loss, grief for my life as it was, but also for the future I had already lost unless I owned who I was, what I could see, and imparted that information to others as a way of helping people see themselves as a conscious contributor the world they inhabit.  Did I want to work for the greater good, or did I want to have a painful, narrow existence?

I realised that to create a better reality, one in which happiness and abundance featured in all areas of my life, I had to make drastic changes.  I took time to heal.  I explored any source that could explain the phenomena that I see in real life. 


I once again returned to reading, a practice that had lapsed during my marriage.  I read books on science, philosophy, personal development, spirituality, ancient history, mysticism, mythology, maths and sacred geometry, anything and everything that could help me make sense of the technicolour world I experienced.  A universe that is not composed of separate component parts, but is one in which time does not exist, things are everywhere and nowhere, and we are a part of the oneness that is everything.


Through my studies my work combined scientific knowledge with spiritual practise to reach new depths and meaning as I explored techniques to connect people and the ‘place’ where they are in their lives, to the places where they live and work, to bring the patterns of purpose in the in-formation fields into balance with their physical reality.

As THE Spiritual Geomancer I work with women on both the physical and non-physical environment, together with all those non-physical beings that live in the latter.  I am humbled by my experiences and learning and can only hope that you are willing to allow me to reach out to you and your world, as you learn to become equal partners in your relationship and create the success and achievement you desire.


After all, what have you got to lose?

"I can show you how to connect to the conscious Universe on a soul level, to increase your communication and to have a bond that thrives and develops."  Fay Semple
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You will enjoy working with me if...
  • You appreciate a down to earth, straight-talking approach.

  • Like to have fun while you learn.

  • You're aware of energy and eager to learn about its form and function within yourself and the wider world.

  • Recognise the value of working in harmony with natural cycles, rather than trying to force actions and outcomes.

  • You feel there is more to the natural world than meets the eye.

  • You want to go on a journey of discovery that challenges and stretches you.

  • You enjoy stepping out into the unknown!

You will benefit from working with me if...
  • You want to increase your success and achievement in your life and business.

  • You work really hard but still feel like your going through the motions and don't know whether it's really getting what it needs to be happy.

  • You keep facing the same problems again and again...

  • You find it difficult to see how to develop that communication with wider consciousness.

  • You want to further your own spiritual development.

  • You want to stretch your own understanding of consciousness.

  • You understand your own thoughts and feelings affect your reality.

  • Your understand nature is a sentient being and you want to provide a place of love and safety.