How do I make investment decisions?

Magic Monday Mar 8 2021

How do we know when we should make those scary investment decisions?

Every investment decision will cause the ego to keep throwing up the same thoughts...

"I can't afford it"

"It's not a good time"

"My spouse doesn't support me"

"I'm not ready!"

How do we listen to our intuition so we can make the right decision and move forward in faith, releasing the fear?

How to protect yourself from negative energy?

Reconnect Mar 4 2021

Everyone asks me "How do I protect myself from negative energy?"

And the truth is, you can do it easily!

The reason most get swamped by the negative energy is they don't know the 2 steps to prevent it.

There are so many examples where I hear clients say, ‘my husband’s attitude is pissing me off, this client isn’t doing x,y and z, my kids are driving me insane….’ I mean the list really is endless.

So what is the resolution how do you stop becoming a sponge to other people’s feelings?

Watch this video for my two steps to help you keep your vibe high!

These steps allow me to manage my energy no matters what occurs around me

Are your beliefs blocking your success?

Magic Monday Mar 1 2021

Reality is created by our beliefs. If we believe something to be impossible, we create that reality.


Do you believe in the Deva of your business?

That your enterprise has its own soul?


Consider reframing your beliefs, break down those mental walls so you're open to deeper spiritual experiences on your soul's journey.

Why energy alchemy matters to your life & business

Reconnect Feb 28 2021

Why does energy alchemy matters to your life and business.

Find out:

What is energy alchemy?

Why it matters to your life and business.

How you can start to work consciously with energy to create success, freedom, flow and ease.

Stop procrastinating with the two-minute trick!

Magic Monday Feb 22 2021

Are you struggling to create new habits that you know are going to benefit you in life and business but you cannot stick to them consistently?

Try this simple trick to create a new habit and embody the identity of the person who shows up and gets stuff done!

The Energy In Your Home Connects To Your Money

Reconnect Feb 18 2021

Your home carries energy that can support you in life and business.


Sometimes this energy can become 'blocked' and it doesn't provide the seeds of our dreams with the nutrients they need to grow and flourish.


How do you know what energy in your home?


How do you know if it is blocked or flowing freely?


How can you activate it?


Join the 5-day Free immersive experience here!

Are You Making Powerful Choices?

Magic Monday Feb 15 2021

When you say "No" to an opportunity, think about what are you allowing into your life instead...