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Fay Semple


Aura and Energy Centre Reading

  • Do you find yourself feeling stuck?

  • Are you facing the same problem again and again?

  • Do you struggle with certain situations? 

  • Are you moving from one toxic relationship to the next? 

  • Is your confidence and self-esteem preventing you from making the most out of life?

When we experience trauma this creates energy blocks, these blocks become patterns that subconsciously create our actions, emotions and behaviours.  You'll never truly move past trauma until you unpick the energetic root cause.

Due to Fay's ability to see energy in person and remotely these readings can be done on an online platform.

The reading will:

  • Outline the energy Fay sees within your aura and chakras/energy centre

  • Discuss blocks and trauma in the aura and chakras/energy centres

  • Clarify how these may be impacting your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

  • Offer suggestions as to the action you can take to restore balance

*This is not an aura balancing or chakra activation session.  

 1:1 x 1-hour online session for a very accessible £497.

Sessions are conducted on an online platform and recorded so that you can refer to them again and again without inconvenient note-taking. 

Contact Fay here!

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