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Powerful learning experiences to uncover your inner power and potential to create the life of your dreams

Here you’ll discover programs and courses that blend practical techniques with soul-rooted vision and energy alchemy practices to nurture and grow your life and business in joyful partnership with its soul, and yours.

Cultivate your inner capacity to be a source of soul in your business and in the world.

Re-vision and transform the stories that no longer serve you, and craft new, living stories in the world of your business.

Shape systems and structures that allow greater ease and prosperity to flow into your business.

Create a business that serves your deepest values, and brings ease and prosperity to all who enter its world.

In these programs, you’ll learn transformational skills and practices to nurture every aspect of your business with wisdom and clear intention.

Explore these offerings one at a time, or experience the synergy they weave together. They are designed to build upon, support and complement one another, to help you shape a business in harmony with your most cherished values and your heart’s truest desires.

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My groundbreaking live group programme is a masterclass in geomancy for homes, business and the wider landscape.

A deep dive into the science and spirituality in landscape energy.  We look at how earth energy can become stressed and create detrimental effects to our health and wealth, how we can heal the energy for happier healthier homes, businesses and communities.  Plus geomantic wisdom to enhance the landscape energy in cooperation with spiritual beings to create abundance, oy and value for all life.  

Suitable for those wishing to practise geomancy commercially. in homes and businesses

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My unique live group programme (formerly Abundance Energy Academy) to heal and enhance the subtle energy in your home.  This is my step-by-step guide to working with the energy and Spirit of your homes to create a healthy energetic environment that supports your health and wealth in all aspects of your life.

This is the missing piece in the manifestation puzzle, success is not solely an inside job!

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A five-week business alchemy mastermind to work with the Spirit of your Business.

Every creation has an energetic pattern held by a spirit or energy being.  The energetic pattern of your business contains the perfect unfolding of its success.

Replenish invites you to go on a journey with the Spirit of your business to create a world of welcome and belonging for your, your clients and your team with intelligent questioning and practical action as you shepherd your dreams into the 3D reality.

Expansion Experience Teachable Page.png


Wouldn't you like to live your soul's desires?

To create a world that enables you to live in joy and prosperity? To experience your dreams? 

Imagine embodying: expansion, opportunity, success, resilience, flexibility, freedom, purpose, clarity?

What if you flipped the thoughts, habits and beliefs running in your head that have created your current reality?  

Would you like to know EXACTLY what to do to move from scarcity to abundance!

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Pendulum Dowsing is an INCREDIBLE tool for obtaining answers to questions we have no other way of knowing! Sadly it is often dismissed because of what people think dowsing is, rather than what it actually is.

Dowsing is the skill and craft of asking questions and obtaining useful and actionable answers from the quantum realms of information.

Dowsing Mastery will give a thorough grounding in tools techniques and applications in all areas of health and wellbeing.

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First steps in dowsing is ideal for those who are new to dowsing and wish to learn the basics: what is dowsing; how does it work; what tools are available; how do we ask questions; fine-tuning your answer for greater clarity and how to ensure you are not influencing you answer.  

First steps in Dowsing will ensure you achieve confident, consistent and accurate dowsing. and provides a solid foundation of which to then decide which area of dowsing you would like to pursue further. such as water, heath, earth energy or even archaeological dowsing.

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