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There, I've said it. Phew, what a relief!!!

If I had a £1 for every time I'd written "I have enough money" in my manifesting journal over the years I'd have paid for all the damn packs of Post-it notes that used to litter my house saying things like:

"I am rich"

"I am good enough"

"I attract money effortlessly & easily"

What sucked was that I didn't feel good enough, because the other two weren't true.

I didn't feel good enough because I didn't know how to fix it.

If affirmations work so well, why didn't they work for me? And then I realised, they didn't work for millions of other people too!

I'm willing to bet that you're pretty tired of writing affirmations too. And hearing that little disbelieving voice inside that says "Yeah, right!" when we make a statement that clearly isn't true.

And that's really the crux of the matter. We don't believe our own affirmations. And we can't create what we don't believe.

So how do we unlock our power and potential to succeed? We acquire that belief. And we do that by reframing the questions we’re asking.

Let me explain.

If your affirmation is “I am rich”, it's because you don't have enough money.

The thought in your head is “Why don’t I have enough money?” or “How can I get more money? Both questions come from a place of negative place, a place of lack. Saying them and thinking them is disempowering, and we know how the Law of Attraction is going to respond to that!

Yep, more lack, more scarcity.

Imagine how different you would feel if every day you asked yourself a different question: “Why do I have enough money?”.

Yes, this question may sound strange, but what you’re doing is working with your brain to acquire belief, rather than trying to force it, kicking and screaming to believe in a goal that you haven’t reached yet.

Questions like this force us to take a look at what’s in our life. Of course, we still have to take the actions, but we’re doing so from a place of belief and conviction. And that’s where the magic happens!

What three simple actions could you take today to help you have enough money? These actions are why you have enough money. So yes, we have to do something, but now it all makes sense, and we can believe in our goals.

So my challenge to you is to try this for the next ten days, you’ll be amazed at the result!

If you want to learn more about unlocking your own power and purpose to increase your impact and income hit me up in the DM’s.

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