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Confession time – I’ve had to work hard at letting go.

Confession time – I’ve had to work hard at letting go. I had a tendency most of my life to cling on to people, relationships, choices when I knew I should let go. I can be like that hug that lasts a few seconds too long and leaves the recipient feel embarrassed and a little bit helpless.

I know why I do it, and it's something I still have to work on. Hands up who’s done the same? It’s OK, you’re amongst friends. I know I’m not the only one who’s guilty of this!

So why is letting go so hard at times?

It all comes down to ‘scarcity mindset’ and the avoidance of pain. "If I let go, what if no more of (it/thing) comes along?" or "It's too hard to let go of (it/thing), I'll put it with it for now."

I still come up against these blocks, I’m only human. With each new level of success, I find new challenges to overcome.

As a strategy holding on sucks. Staying in relationships, or life choices and circumstances that no longer serve us does not avoid pain (it simply prolongs the agony) nor does it allow better things to come our way.

If there was one thing in your life you could let go of today, that would bring you peace and simplify your life, what would it be?

​Perhaps it would be letting go of a grudge that you are holding onto, or a problem that keeps reoccurring, or a fear of lack of money, or simply worrying about situations you have no control over.

​What would happen if you just made a decision right now to let it all go?

What one thing do you want to let go of that does not serve you anymore?

Take the time to be still and sit in silence and connect with what it is you want to let go and visualize what your life would look and feel like without this situation.

Almost instantly you can sense the body relax when you make a conscious decision to let go.

I know when I decided to leave my abusive marriage, I felt immediate and intense relief, even though I knew I still had a legal battle on my hands.

I left my job with no other employment to go to, before I had built up my business to give me a liveable income, but I knew it was right, and I knew by making space more abundance would come.

There is freedom in letting go of situations in our life that do not serve us anymore.

We hold onto relationships, jobs and the need for material processions that don’t serve us anymore and we deplete our energy by trying to hold onto something that just doesn’t want to happen.

Make a conscious decision today to stop trying to make the circumstances occur in your life that you don’t want to happen. Simply let go. Many people have resistance to letting go and letting life ‘just be’ out of fear of not knowing what will happen, but there is an aliveness that comes along with not knowing what will happen tomorrow and the opportunities that will come your way. Over the next week practice living life in the moment; be mindful of when you are holding onto a situation that naturally wants to change and then with awareness simply let it go. It may continue to come back up to challenge you because the mind is brilliant at capturing your attention, but simply continue to consciously let go and let be. Let go of all that doesn’t serve you anymore and discover the freedom that is available to you in letting go.

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