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Emerging from the darkness

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

For the past eight and a half years, I have been tied up in a difficult divorce. I'll spare you the gory details, but statistically, it takes on average 7 years for a woman to divorce an abusive husband. The good news is I'm above average!

The reason I'm sharing this with you is that this situation has affected not only my family but also my business. The endless exchange between solicitors, paperwork for court and the involvement of external bodies for child safety has exhausted me. It's been like existing in a cavern and at last, I have emerged into the brightly lit mouth. I can see the world open up and I feel again the wonder and awe which once coursed through my veins! There are so many places (real and theoretical) I want to go to, so much fun and joy to experience in this vast space!

It's not stopped me from being happy, engineering a new life and successful business, but I had held back in building up my business to match my dreams due to the very real possibility of having it taken from me in the final settlement. Again, I'll spare you the statistics but let's just say the family court judgements in the UK don't have a good track record for victims of domestic abuse.

I've been sitting on something that I have been so excited about bringing to the world in all its beauty. I've worked one to one with women in business for some time, guiding them to the next level by co-creating with the soul of their enterprise. These women have all reached a level of success. They know their business, their message and their clients. They have a team. But they had reached the 'peak', only to realise there was far more to discover than the visible horizon. Some of them took the long winding path that could have been shortened if they had worked with the deva of their business from the outset.

It's been interesting to go through the process of building their business energetically, there have been so many lessons. Now it's time to couple that energetic business building, with practical business know-how from my experience as a project manager. We need both the rational and the intuitive mind to co-create our dream business with its Soul. The intuitive mind adds the nuance, the values, the qualities and the character of your creation. The rational mind makes the plans, deals with the day to day stuff and takes the inspired action.

If you build your business this way from the start, it can save a lot of headaches further down the line. Many female entrepreneurs earn less than £2k per month, they struggle to attract and retain clients in the increasingly noisy online space. They fall prey to the strive-drive hustle culture existence that leaves them exhausted and overwhelmed.

It's not your fault if you have fallen into this tar pit! But it does keep women operating in masculine energy. Doing, doing and doing... it's exhausting.

So it's time for something different. It's time for creative play and FUN! It's time for you to step up, and let your side hustle or 'business' (aka your expensive hobby) emerge from the darkness into the light for all to see. The Soul of your business holds the energetic blueprint for the perfect unfolding of its success. It WANTS to support you.

It is simultaneously your baby, peer, partner, mentor and guide. If your business is new the Soul may not yet have fully emerged, and you have the luxury of watching it grow. If your business has been running for some time and is not yet giving you the income, lifestyle and freedom you want, you need to sit down and allow yourself to RECEIVE the guidance it willingly offers.

This is not done through some vague practice. Lighting a candle, casting runes or invoking a psychic Pidgeon is not the way. We can use real business tasks and approach them in a slightly different way. There may be offers or services your business has outgrown. I have outgrown some of my own programs and will no longer be coaching them. They will be offered in a self-taught capacity but my energy is drawn elsewhere.

It's OK to release things, it's OK to simplify. This is why I'm streamlining my business to offer coaching in only two areas. Soul Business Attunement, and dowsing. The latter is because it's a valuable tool for personal and spiritual development that opens so many doors. The former because becoming an online entrepreneur is one of the most personally challenging journeys we can take, and because the world needs more spiritual and wealthy women.

The world needs female leadership with a feminine approach to money and its circulation. A worldview that sees the preciousness of our natural world, and all life. Women who sense that we are on the cusp of a change in awareness, we are expanding and we need to work with the other conscious elements that share our Universe. The Soul of your business is one of these.

This is why I launching Soul Infused Business, a unique system that allows you to create in the most magical way. I'm going to be inviting you to join for a special 5-day free challenge very soon, and to make sure you are on the guestlist you can sign up at

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