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Are you creating your life from a place of love or fear? I know for many years I manifested from a place of fear and this showed up in my life in ‘scarcity’ in constant struggle.

We constantly form assumptions about life, most of them unconscious. As a result, our actions are governed by assumptions that were set many years ago.

Most of us were brought up in a state of "not enoughness” – not enough money, not enough love, not enough support, not enough opportunity – and this creates a mindset and energy of negative disempowering assumptions about our lives and reality.

We can find ourselves thinking “There’s never enough money” or “Why is everything so difficult?”

We prepare for the worst and hope for the best. This strategy sucks.

It means when we are chasing our dreams we are chasing them with the energy of fear. We approach life timidly, cap in hand. We ask life for the smallest amount.

Becoming aware of what actions, thoughts and emotions are stemming from fear is a game-changer.

When I look at my own past I can see how I used to act in this way. I’ve stayed in relationships way past their sell-by date for fear of pain or being the ‘sad singleton’. In my original divorce settlement, I requested the family home (the place of 11 years of domestic abuse and SO many bad memories) because I feared I and my children would be homeless.

The decisions were reflections of childhood experiences of “not enoughness” and I came to see my own behaviours, mindset and energy as a self-fulfilling prophecy of more of the same. I realised I had to break that pattern, or I could watch my hopes and dreams get buried with me. Not an option.

The good news is no matter what’s happened in your past no one can force you to think certain things. Changing your actions, thoughts and emotions leaves the future open to abundance, not more of the same sh*t you’ve had enough of.

Changing assumptions from a negative to a positive, and changing your actions accordingly can very quickly transform outcomes.

How do negative assumptions show up in your life around money? Around relationships? What situations have these assumptions manifested in your life? How have those fears affected your decision making?

I’m willing to bet you’ve manifested scarcity and unserving relationships. Then it's time to get down and dirty with your fears, have a wrestling match with negative assumptions and take some small action that holds them down for the count.

Ask yourself “Why do I attract money so easily?” and set up a regular payment into a saving account.

Ask yourself “Why does everything always work out so well for me?” and see that difference that makes to your energy as you approach a task.

Let me know in the comments what you plan to do today and if you want to go deeper hit me up in the DM’s.

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