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How to grow in confidence with Ewalina Szczeblewska

Confidence plays a huge part in creating a successful life and business. Confidence affects how we show up, and the choices we make. So much of our confidence stems from our deeply held, and often unconscious beliefs about what is possible for us. Joining me for a chat about self-awareness, choices and confidence is Ewelina Szczeblewska. Ewelina helps anxious, frustrated and stuck entrepreneurs & female leaders to shift subconscious fears, and remove self-sabotaging patterns to step into their MAGNETIC CONFIDENCE.

What you will learn in this episode:

- The journey Ewelina has been on to step fully into her confidence

- Why recognising the conditioning beliefs laid down in childhood is a game-changer

- Ewelina's system for building confidence and the small things you can do each day to build your self-confidence.

To connect with Ewelina go to

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