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Wealth. It's the dream for so many. Wealth creates freedom, leverage and choice. The ability to live life on your own terms. It's something we can all create with enough hard work, so all the coaches maintain.

There's a teeny, tiny problem with this.


It's fairly obvious that in certain areas of cities and districts wealth like to congregate, leaving other areas with economic scarcity.

The shocking factor is it's not all down to human endeavour. The very place where you live has a DIRECT relationship with your ability to create and maintain wealth.

I'm talking about the energy in the ground itself. Geobiology has shown that when certain fields of energy are low societies struggle to create and maintain wealth and political stability. people become anxious and aggressive.

This is BEYOND YOUR CONTROL and no mindset hacks, life or business coaching are going to help you with this!

Watch this video to find out just how and why you could be living in a place where wealth creation is stacked against you unless you know how to fix this problem.

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