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Fay Semple

Mentor and guide to the realm of subtle energy and spirit. 

You're here because you sense there is an intangible world of energy just beyond your senses.


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Fay Semple is a spiritual geomancer, dowser, ritualist, visionary and mystic.  An Amazon best-selling author she been featured in Thrive Global, Medium and Elephant journals and on BBC radio.

Her membership, courses and workshops have supported thousands of people to change their lives and answer the calls of their soul.


Fay supports people to connect with the wisdom within, and to the spirit of all things without.

Let's begin


Millionaire Mentor

Michelle Stonhill - get ready for magic, mystery and miracles

Michelle Stonhill - get ready for magic, mystery and miracles

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Discover whether your home is supporting, or blocking health and wealth on all levels.

Grow your life through powerful energy alchemy techniques

You're curious, you intuitively feel that there is a greater depth of meaning in your relationship with the cosmos than simply existing.  You want your life and work to have meaning.  You want to be a force for good, to serve people.  You are willing to grow and learn.  You're not afraid to step into the unknown and try new things.


  • What if you could tap into a source of information to achieve greater harmony, understanding, trust and communication? 

  • What if you could achieve a deeper connection with your life, spirit and other energetic beings and the conscious cosmos?

  • What if you could work with the subtle energy blueprint of your home to discern the unique lessons and challenges it holds in this epoch of your soul's journey?

  • What if you could create a place of energetic balance between yourself and your business so that it serves and supports your goals and ambitions?

  • What would you create for yourself if your life and business could embody the creative and generative power of its mission?

All your creations come from your heart, you give them life.   You recognise that your business is its own entity, with its own needs, purpose and path to tread as it serves your needs, and those of your clients and add to the rising tide of positivity and change that the world and all life needs.

 I help women founders of small to mid-size businesses lead with soul and build with strategy. Together, we bring into right relationship what you’re building with why and how you’re building it. Because that’s where the horizon of your big vision and your heart space meet in glorious unfolding.

I don’t believe in manipulative marketing tactics, constrictive blueprints or aggressive strategies that leave you and your customers feeling empty and dishonoured. Together, we uncover the genius that is uniquely yours, and re-envision and shape the world of your business so that it powerfully and purposefully serves you, your community, and the world.

I do this through one-on-one mentoring, group programs and more.

Shall we begin?

Join our community for those who are creatively and consciously engaging with the subtle energy and spirit of their homes and business.


Spiritual entrepreneur, psychic, wisdom holder of earth magic, nature lover, geomancer, dowser, mother of 2 and perpetually curious seeker of knowledge and learning.  My gift is enabling women to work with their higher self, energy and spirit at the deepest level to co-create a reality that supports them in their success.

Every creation, from your home, and your business, to your goals and dreams has a counterpart in the subtle energy realms, which holds the pattern or blueprint for its perfect unfolding in 3D reality.

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Trauma Recovery Coach

 Having been a student of philosophy, practised spiritual healing techniques, and an all round hippy for my entire adult life I knew that I was confident that I was doing so many of the right things when it came to my own personal belief system, growth and mindset yet I still felt so stuck... The practical techniques the specialist knowledge and the lovely ladies on the course really do set this programme apart from the rest. Fay has a vast wisdom which spans so many topics and having healed from her own experiences of emotional trauma she is a beacon of positivity and light whom I will be forever grateful to for guiding me through this time of my life. 


Thank you Fay, thank you, thank you... deserve to be supported in all areas of your life so if you feel like your mindset is strong and your outlook is positive but there is something missing – this is what is missing!!

Download Your FREE Home Energy Blueprint Quiz.
Discover whether your home is supporting, or blocking health and wealth on all levels.

What is the biggest problem you face right now in connecting to energy and spirit?

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