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I'm Fay, THE Spiritual Geomancer to female entrepreneurs, leaders and change makers.


I'm dedicated to reconnecting women their Sacred Feminine power. I help them reconnect to energy and enabling them, their home and their business to attract their dream life. 

Sacred Feminine ENERGY creates YOUR entire life!

Are you feeling happy, abundant, confident, successful, peaceful, ready to take on the world? Or are you feeling unhappy, lacking, lost, hopeless, wondering how you’re going to get through the next month never mind the next year!

You know that energy affects you. Perhaps you don’t like crowds and find them overwhelming, or you attract negative people and can’t seem to keep them at bay. Do people offload all their emotions onto you? They leave feeling great and you feel like a pool of muddy water on the floor!

You’re also aware that traumatic experiences leave their mark, that every impact leaves a scar on your energy and alters your behaviour, outlook, and mindset from then on. Over time this builds up to become patterns in our energy.

We face the same problems again and again because unconsciously we’re following the only way that we know to deal with it! The way that caused us pain to start with!

Releasing those deep energetic blocks which may be in our aura, chakra’s, ancestral, karmic or cellular energy matrix is crucial if we are to regain our connection to the Sacred Feminine dynamic.

Working on ourselves is crucial but there is a missing ingredient that many spiritual workers aren’t aware of.  There is a huge support network out there ready and willing to help us. Helping us helps them. Why?

You see we are not the only consciousness or energy in this world or Universe. Nature has its own energy matrix and consciousness of which we are a part.

​Reconnecting to the energy of natural world has a profound effect on the mental, emotional and physical well being of both nature and humans, and thus our ability to achieve our highest potential together.  However, many of us lose that feeling of connection in our busy, frazzled lives.  We become so wrapped up in our daily struggles that we can find ourselves going through the motions without any real sense of enjoyment, or fulfillment.

Worst still our daily struggles can impact negatively our unique relationships so that they can become stressed, difficult to handle.  At other times and locations we can be impacted by energies in the environment that we have become desensitised to, leaving us at a loss to understand what's going on, and with no solution.

We struggle to create a business that serves and supports us, meets our goals and generates the income and time freedom we seek.  We just can’t seem to get our sh*t together enough to move forward!

Yet it doesn't have to be this way!

All my life I have seen the inter-connectedness of all things in real life.  I see 'energy' in a variety of sacred geometry forms permeating and surrounding everything, as in-formation, a unified field, where all things are connected regardless of location. 

The aura, chakra's and other 'energy' fields of your body connect to nature, as do animals.  The difference is animals use these fields as an integral part of their experience and consciousness.  We have learned to shut out this experience.

I'm willing to bet, however, that you have felt it.  The joy when you're outside, free from routine and clock watching; that peace you feel in your garden, in the forest or on the beach.  How bonded did you feel at that moment?

Whilst these may be new concepts for you, I can assure you "the only way of knowing the limits of what is truly possible is to step beyond them a little into the impossible" Arthur C. Clarke

This 'energy' all around us is responsive, therefore how we think and feel directly effects our day to day experience, and effects how you feels and the world reacts to you.   We are part of the natural world not separate from it.  Nature made us, it directs us.  Connecting nature in a deep, dare I say it, spiritual way is not an otherworldly experience, it is an experience of the more-than-human world.  Embrace it.  


It is this curiosity to deepen that bond and connection that reveals to us more about the astonishing world we inhabit.  We are made of the stardust that made all things and it's breathtaking.

The world of Sacred Feminine Living...

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"The universe doesn't give you what you ask for with you thoughts, it gives you what you demand with your actions."

~ Dr Steve Maraboli


You're curious, you intuitively feel that there is a greater depth of meaning in your relationship with universe than simply existing.  You want your life and work to have meaning.  You want to be force for good, to serve people.  You are willing to grow and learn.  You're not afraid to step into the unknown and try new things.


  • What if you could tap into a source of information to achieve greater harmony, understanding, trust and communication

  • Do you sense you have blocks and beliefs that are limiting your success and happiness?

  • What if you could achieve a deeper connection with your life and nature?

  • What if you could create a place of energetic balance within yourself, your home and business that serves and supports your goals and ambitions?

  • What would you create for yourself if you could embody the creative and generative power of the Sacred Feminine

I'm willing to bet that deep inside you feel a connection to the natural world that has touched you in emotional ways, it's helped you become a better person.  Being in nature has helped you in times of crisis, stress, and uncertainty.  Our connection with the land is an ancient one, and this connection resonates with us in ways we find hard to articulate.

I know too that you're not afraid to explore that connection.  You feel that 'something', albeit elusive and intangible.  You're not afraid to try new things or step into new territories to achieve the best results in your life. 

You want to find that missing magic ingredient that gives you the edge AND creates a reality in which you are open to greater connection. 

But you need some help and don't know where to start?

I'm here to help you bridge that gap.   I've dedicated my life to working with the intangible.  I work with clients to achieve balance, harmony and a 'space' where you feel supported, a place to tap into the subtle, yet powerful forces within the natural world.  I know you're not looking for someone to give you cryptic messages that make little sense in the real world.   You need a step by step systematic approach that can be easily incorporated into your daily life, to achieve the results your desire.

From years of working to reconnect people and land I can say with conviction that overcoming difficulties, developing clear communication of your purpose and intent, and achieving tangible changes and results are possible if you have the desire, commitment and are open-minded to my approach.

My signature programme, Sacred Feminine Living was built with these particular problems in mind and provides soul aware entrepreneurs with a step by step blueprint to reconnection with me as their mentor whilst they learn

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"Fay has transformed the way I see myself, the landscape, my business and how these things are intimately interconnected in ways I never imagined possible!


I had problems with my business and I was being impacted by really negative people who resented me.  It was taking its toll on my well-being, and the success of my business.

Since Fay has worked on my energy, and the energy of my business and property the negative people have gone from my life, I feel confident in myself and my business and the whole of life flows seamlessly.


I've adopted practises at my premises that I'll confess I was skeptical about,  but the effects cannot be denied and it's given me a much greater appreciation of myself, my life, my family, my business, my home and my land.


I can't thank Fay enough for opening up a totally new dimension to existence.  It has been genuinely transformational!"