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Powerful mentoring to uncover your inner power and potential to create the life of your dreams

Dowsing Mastery

Pendulum Dowsing is an INCREDIBLE tool for obtaining asnwers to questions we have no other way of knowing! Sadly it is often dismissed because of what people think dowsing is, rather than what it actually is.

Dowsing is the skill and craft of asking questions and obtaining useful and actionable answers from the quantum realms of information.

Dowsing Mastery will give a thorough grounding in Pendulum dowsing

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WEB 2019-07-03 Fay Semple (10 of 26) - 9

Abundance Energy Academy

My signature live group programme to heal and enhance the subtle energy in your home.  This is my step-by-step guide to working with the energy and Spirit of your homes to create a healthy energetic environment that supports your health and wealth in all aspects of your life.

Did you know that the energy in the soil where you live has a direct relationship with the amount of wealth and happiness you can create?

This is the missing piece in the manifestation puzzle, success is not solely an inside job!

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