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Create from the sacred intersection where your souls desire and the genius of your business meet the needs of your clients.

I help women access the uniques genius of their business for wealth, abundance, happiness and opportunities!


You CAN create a successful soul-centred relationship with the Soul of your business along with tried and tested, and cutting edge business know-how. 

Stop wondering if it's possible, and start taking action to access the secret powerful genius at the heart of your business, who holds the energetic blueprint for the perfect unfolding of your success!

I'm really excited that you're here, you're willing to take what you feel inside, do something wonderful for yourself, and create the success you deserve!

I've created a "never been done before" programme, for women who are willing to make a serious commitment, are prepared to commit the resources and wish to have a competitive edge in their business

Are you ready to see what happens when you start listening to and finding alignment with the powerful forces of the the soul of your business?

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Is this where you are right now?

  • You’ve started your business but you're not seeing the growth, and income you want.

  • You’re doing the work.

  • You’re putting in the hours, you’re showing up and getting some results...

  • But you want more.

  • You're tired of all the flaky 'woo-woo' spiritual teaching that doesn't give tangible outcomes.

  • And no matter how hard you try, you simply can’t find something that appeals to your intellect AND your intuition?.

  • You're ready to commit to yourself on a new level to get next-level results?

  • You feel like you have so much more potential

  • You're ready to create a business that meets the needs of the world, fills your heart with joy AND money in the bank!"

What if you could have this instead...

  • We work out your business plan together.

  • We get clear on your niche, ideal client and offer.

  • I teach you my step by step system that I personally used to, from scratch, create £2.5K months in 90 days weeks and consistent 5 figure months in just 10 months.

  • You have a group of women around you who get you, love you and want to see you win.

  • You have mindset and emotional support.

  • You get help with all of the techy stuff that you hate, building & growing your email list, creating your offer, funnels, website, launching, copywriting... What if all of that was suddenly easy?

  • What if you are travelling whenever you want to, creating your own schedule and feeling joy in your work?

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But you're freaking out because...

  • What if I can't do it?

  • What if I have no ideas about what to offer?

  • What if I can't learn 'all the things'!? What if I'm the one person Fay can't teach? 

  • What will people think if I really step up and do this?

Everything you want is on the other side of your comfort zone.

Think about – wouldn’t already have done it and have it all if what you are doing right now is working?  To get different results you have to do things differently.  Going out of your comfort zone is so much easier when you have supportive people around you, as you will in this programme

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You are only limited by your imagination...

The Soul Infused Business Programme

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You get...

  • 12 months of support with me as your mentor​

  • Access to my extensive online course content and materials on business know-how, energy alchemy and imaginative journeying to open all up all available channels of creativity and creation.

  • Accountability to keep you on track

  • Workbooks to assist your learning and development

  • Knowledge and tools that have taken over 30 years to develop are yours!

  • Fay can work with you to connect to the Soul of your business to unlock it's unique genius and create the transformation your clients are looking for.  The soul of business hold within it's energy blueprint the perfect unfolding of the success of your business .

  • Weekly Zoom meeting (recorded)

This programme is not for you if...

  • You are not willing to learn and implement new ways of thinking and being

  • You have no interest in working with the soul of your business

  • You are not willing to have your beliefs and perceptions challenged

  • You are in a state of financial fear and reluctant to invest in yourself

This programme is for those who...

  • who are looking for the competitive edge

  • who want to give themselves the very best

  • who want to increase well-being, performance, and success

  • who want an in-depth experience... Soul Infused Business is an intimate experience for those serious about making a transformational change to themselves, their lives and their clients.

The Soul Infused Business programme is a premium level investment.  It is for inspired female entrepreneurs who are ready to step into their power and reconnect to their soul mission and the Soul of their business to reach their next level of success.



Investment plans starts at £795.00

Sign me up!

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Still, have questions about The SOUL INFUSED BUSINESS Programme? 
Click here to book your FREE 45 minute discovery session with me
(value £350)

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