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Divine Timing


You want to live in harmony with the Seasons, the Cosmos and the wider universe away from the strive-drive hustle culture

You want to live differently.

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Rethinking your life & place in all creation...

"What does it mean to live wisely and in harmony with Divine source?"

That question took me on the labyrinthine journey of discovery from an exhausted disconnected 43 year old “failure”,
to showing up fully in my womanhood, alive and aligned to my deepest soul purpose. 


My journey led me to my soul’s work which weaves together ancient indigenous and esoteric wisdom with the contemporary
wisdom of neuroscience and developmental psychology.  It is a new way of living and being.  Both rooted in tradition and grounded in the present.

This is what I offer to seekers around the globe, to guide them to live more Divinely.

Welcome to Divine Timing

A monthly subscription to connect with the seasonal energy & use the power available in nature to fuel your own personal growth, and create a rich spiritual practice rooted in Nature, Astrology and Geomancy.

If you've found your way here, I know you're looking for deeper connection in your life. Connection to the Earth, the Divine, and to your own deep down, inner self.

And, you're looking for a practice to help you connect with those things in a rich & meaningful way.

When the pressure of modern life threatens to engulf us, it's our personal & spiritual practice that keeps us connected, aligned and in flow.

Divine Timing  brings to your life...


  • Connection to the natural world - The Earth, her rhythms and cycles.  An understanding of each season influences and shapes your life.   

  • Deeper connection through dedicated time and space for inner reflection.

  • An ancient and powerful spiritual practice that celebrates the Celtic Wheel, the eight major festivals of the Solar year, including the Solstices, Equinoxes and other major celebrations?

  • Transformation techniques to access your inner knowing, voice and intuition

  • A clear understanding of your Souls genius, purpose and path

  • Develop habits and ways of being to live the life you want to be living.

  • A spiritual connection to magic, mystery and miracles of the Universe & Source.

  • A firm, grounded spiritual foundation to lean into when life gets storming and we feel unsure.

  • Powerful energy alchemy techniques to be a part of something much bigger than yourself.  This is more than mindset and inner work.  The is reconnection, realignment and repositioning.

Shall we begin?

Each month you will receive:
3 PDF workbooks:
* Workbooks for the Full & New Moons - a 'how to' practice guide for both phases
* Full & New journal workbook focusing on the particular energy of the Moon in its astronomical sign.
* Celtic Wheel workbook for energy alchemy aligning to the larger Cosmic phases.


Moon Magic Guidebooks


Use the moon cycles to help you stay connected to your practice, to move your work forward throughout the season, and to reflect on how you're growing. 

Each New Moon Guide includes:

  • A detailed overview of astronomical energy. We'll look at the more subtle shifts in energy & how that feels in your life.

  • A simple new moon ritual to create a practice of pausing & connecting with the sacred.

  • Journal prompts to set meaningful intentions for the month ahead.

The Full Moon Guide includes:

  • Simple full moon ritual to pause & connect.

  • Meaningful reflections to find illumination at this powerful time.

  • A check in with your new moon intentions to continue to move your work forward.

  • Dark moon Qs to reflect on astronomical energy.

Celtic Wheel Guidebooks


A detailed download for each Celtic Festival observed during the year: Winter Solstice, Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Bealtaine, Summer Solstice, Lughnasadh, Autumn Equinox, Samhain. (Plus, 4 additional mid-season Guidebooks .)

Each Celtic Wheel Guidebook includes:


  • A detailed overview of the sacred day on the Wherel of Time: its meaning & significance, how it's influencing your life, ancient celebrations & traditions.

  • A look at where to focus your energy this month. I'll outline how the season supports you & the invitations for growth it has for you.

  • A simple, meaningful ritual for the sacred day. Nothing too fancy or complicated. Just sweet steps for reflection & spiritual connection.

  • Journal prompts to connect with your Soul voice, and find deeper clarity & understanding about yourself, your Path & your Purpose.

  • Soul work & other exercises to feel deeply rooted, strong & connected as you move through the year.

Your monthly subscription is just £22.00 GBP per month!
You can cancel at any time should you find Divine Timing is not for you.
We do not offer refunds as this is an instant access subscription.

Join our community of visionary coaches and consultants who are creatively and consciously growing their soul business to live wholly and serve beautifully.

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