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5 Tips to Stay Aligned & Relaxed Through the Holiday Madness

So … we’re in Midwinter.

I’ve spent the last few weeks falling in love with Winter again. At first, I baulked at the cold rain on my skin, the wind whipping at my hair and clothes. The shift in weather in my area meant we moved from a balmy Autumn into full-blown Winter overnight. It was a shock to the system. Although thanks to climate change we're now in unseasonably warm and mild weather again! But each day I have been out to watch the leaves fall, the dark carcass of the trees emerge against pale blue skies, and revel in the magical period of twilight as long shadows spread like ink across the winter canvas

We are in the darkest days of the year, and this is the season for Rest. These days right now are for sleeping and resting. For going slow. Drinking hot tea. Eating hearty food. It's time to reset, convalesce and find that inner balance.

Rest is really important soul work right now.

This season’s rest is vital for restoring our energy after the outward-focused months of summer and facing our shadows in the fall. We need winter’s rest to prepare our spirits for the growing months ahead.

It’s a cruel irony that right now, when our spirits need rest, we’re also entering the craziness of the modern holiday season.

Before the holiday madness really gets cranking, I wanted to share my top tips for staying calm, peaceful, present & relaxed over the next few weeks.

1. Slow down & breathe.

It’s easy to get sucked into the frenetic energy of the holiday season. Try, literally, slowing down. Walk slow. Drive slow.

When you feel yourself getting sucked into the heightened energy, when your heart rate elevates–pause. Take several deep breaths. (Exaggerated, deep belly breaths.) You can do this in traffic, in a shopping mall–anytime you feel that frantic Christmas energy creep in.

2. Don’t over-schedule yourself & don’t be afraid to say no.

I am super protective of my energy at this time of year & I’m trying to be more transparent about that. I work less, I sleep more, I work more on my business than in it. It's a time for planning and mapping, to put the meat on the bones of the skeleton of ideas. Discerning which ideas are going to move me forward towards my big goals so I'm not filling my time with efforts that aren't productive in terms of transformation, value and income for myself and my clients. I have to be super protective of my energy this time of year & I'll often be vague about accepting invitations or work commitments explaining I’m just not sure how I’ll feel.

And, you know what … everybody gets it. And usually they feel more empowered to protect their own energy in the same way.

3. Do less. And do it far less than perfectly.

We, especially women, often feel like everything has to be Perfect. I usually envision these perfect scenarios of all these perfect holiday things I want to do for my kids–traditions, crafts, activities. And then I kill myself trying to achieve perfection. And you wanna know what … my kids don’t even notice the difference between perfect & mediocre. And usually spontaneous & mediocre ends up being way more fun.

4. Simplify!!

If it doesn't need doing, don't do it!

5 Savor the small things.

Pause & really notice all the beautiful, magical things about the holidays.

Notice the twinkling lights. Pause when you hear your favorite Christmas song. Pause to watch the joy in your kids’ faces.

As often as possible–pause, and truly take in the things you love about the holidays. Step outside of the whirlwind so you can soak in the magic of this time of year.

Take extra gentle care of yourselves, dear friends ❤ May you be gloriously mediocre and totally in the moment over the next few weeks.

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