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Building a solid foundation in life and business when everything is changing

We are in times of unprecedented change, as the familiar crumbles before our very eyes moment by moment. Our lives and business are a microcosm of the wider societies, economic systems and ecologies.

The very structures of our reality are unravelling due to their incoherence, lack of integrity, misalignment and misdirection. It is a time for us to appreciate that our personal identity is both a mirror to and container of these elements.

Is your life and business congruent with who you are and want to be? To create a life and business that ushers in a world of coherence, unity and integrity we can begin by rebuilding ourselves from the calling of our soul.

There is no shortcut to this, we cannot jump ahead to where we want to be. We put in the foundation of stability through practice.

Simplify your life as much as you can so that can near the movement and murmurings of your soul. This will enable you to build a life, relationships and business on solid ground and will be both a container and a mirror for others about what is possible through personal power and integrity.

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