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Don't wait, start now.

Years ago there was a learning opportunity I wanted to take. It was on a topic that deeply interested me. It wasn't going to increase my income, it didn't offer transformation. It simply fascinated me.

I did not prioritise that fascination as I didn't recognise it as a desire of my soul. It was a piece of a bigger picture I wasn't able to see at that time.

So I put the course of. I'll do it next time it's offered I kept saying.

Then the person who provided the course stopped doing it. They'd grown, they'd moved on to bigger and better things. They became out of my reach.

I learnt a valuable lesson that day. We are all on a learning a growth journey. Work with people who inspire you while they are in any way accessible to you.

Don't think "I'll take their course in a couple of years".

The person who's course or programme you are umming and ahhing about could be on the cusp of big leap.

That course may no longer be something they offer. Or it may have grown and expanded out of your budget. They may be about to change their business, write a best selling book and become a public speaker. They are on their own journey.

If something calls to you, do it. And do it now.

Things that are meant got us, find their way to us. Don't put them off when they do.

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