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Dowsing is one of the three facets of modern Western Geomancy

I get that dowsing is better understood than geomancy and there may be some confusion about the differences.  So I've broken it down to make it simple to understand.

​​Modern Western Geomancy has three main components: Earth Energies, Sacred Geometry and Astrology/Astronomy.

Dowsing is not geomancy, dowsing is an information-gathering modality and it is one of the methods used by a geomancer to identify and assess the earth's energy flows in a particular area. So although it's important, it's only one part of the picture.

Let's talk about how Earth Energies, Sacred Geometry and Astrology/Astronomy underpin spiritual geomancy, and how we can utilise the power of place to enhance our mental, physical and spiritual growth and connect to the subtle energy that animates our world.

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