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Finding grace

Are there days when you feel upside down and inside out?

At odds with the world?

Do you feel the brash and noisy onslaught of modernity shouting at the boundaries of your world like a baying mob?

A clamour of raised, and angry voices demanding you do more but work less, be authentic, accept yourself but try harder, share your journey, like, follow, tweet, subscribe, download, buy one get one free, buy now and pay later, recycle, throw it away, upgrade, downsize, move more, find stillness, stop chasing, taking action, travel more, fly less...

This is your invitation to pause and reconnect with the natural world.

Nature gives us the keys to grace.

It is in these moments of strife it is grace that offers us what we truly need.

Ask yourself what is inscribed on your heart?

What do you need, today, that will change everything?

What do you need, that you're afraid to receive, or that you resist receiving?

What if you could trust the gift, and the giver?

What if you could trust the person you'll become when you embrace what's being offered?

Ignore the incessant noise that clamour for attention. Be like the flower, graceful in its own presence.

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