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How to Shield Yourself from Negativity

Imagine you're cosied up in your favourite spot on a serene Sunday morning, savouring a captivating book that has captured your attention. Your fingers are slightly greasy from buttered toast, and there might even be a few crumbs nestled in your hair. Life feels peaceful and content.

Suddenly, the phone rings and it's your dear friend on the line. While you cherish her, lately, her calls have turned into a series of unfortunate events. She delves into every bit of bad news, from personal struggles to the woes of those around her. As she recounts tales of misfortunes, your sense of well-being begins to deflate, and your once-warm toast grows cold. You find yourself trapped in a conversation you wish to escape from but struggle to find a polite exit strategy.

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By the time the call ends, you're left feeling drained, seeking solace in a bar of chocolate. What you've just encountered is a flood of your friend's energy field, laden with her stories, fears, and emotions. The ice cream might offer a quick fix, but it's merely a temporary escape from the overwhelming energy you've absorbed.

This scenario, albeit extreme, is a common occurrence. We often find ourselves entangled in the energy of others, inadvertently absorbing their emotions and thoughts. This can lead us down a path of despair, feeling disconnected from our true selves and drowning in a sea of negativity.

We exist within intricate energy ecosystems, where our ability to navigate and manage our energy fields significantly impacts our lives and businesses. When we are centred and whole, our energy radiates with the essence of our soul, acting as a shield against external influences that do not align with our inner being.

However, in moments of disarray and fragmentation within ourselves, we become susceptible to external energies that disrupt our harmony. This absorption of foreign energies can manifest as restlessness, indecision, and a sense of emptiness, steering us away from our true path.

For instance, scrolling through social media platforms can either uplift or drain us, depending on the energy of the content we engage with. Inspiring posts can temporarily lift our spirits, while encounters with dissatisfying material can leave us feeling depleted and yearning for something external to fill the void.

Distinguishing between our authentic feelings and those influenced by external energies begins with self-awareness. By recognizing our patterns, triggers, and inner selves, we can reclaim our sovereignty over our energy field. Cultivating a practice of mindfulness and energy cleansing can restore balance and harmony within us, akin to maintaining our physical hygiene.

At our core, we are embodied souls, inherently connected to a higher purpose. By embodying the qualities of kindness, love, and empowerment, we strengthen our soul's presence in the world. Acting from our soul-self not only enhances our inner radiance but also allows us to radiate positivity and light to those around us.

So, the next time your friend pours out a stream of troubles, you'll greet her with a heart full of compassion, authenticity, and kindness, instead of resorting to drowning your emotions in a bar of chocolate. By embracing your inner resilience and shining your light, you become a source of positivity and warmth, illuminating not just your own path but also lighting the way for others to walk beside you towards a journey of growth and renewal.

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