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The energy link between prosperity and location

Updated: Jan 13

In this episode I explore the link between prosperity and location, location, location...

What you are going to learn blew my mind, and sparked years of research. Yet NONE of what I'm about to share with you is even so much as mentioned in all the materials about manifestation and mindset. And it's a BIG missing piece in that puzzle!

We know that our environment is important. Surrounding ourselves with the right people and an orderly home and office are shown to make a big impact on our ability to succeed. But does it go deeper than this?

Feng Shui and other forms have geomancy have long been aware at landscape energy can be supportive, or disruptive to human endeavour. Is there a scientific explanation for this?

Yes! There is.

In this episode, you'll discover:

* the link between location and prosperity

* why mindset and manifestation techniques are failing you

* the link between your body's energy field and landscape

I'll be going even deeper into how sacred space and earth energy activates neurochemistry to create altered states of consciousness and access to quantum fields in the next two episodes.


If you are wondering if the energy in your home is supportive or blocking your endeavours download my home energy assessment here.

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