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The Pineal Gland and Quantum Success

This week's episode is the second of a three-part adventure into exploring the link between the earth and our quantum consciousness. All the personal development gurus tell us that we can achieve anything we want if we put our minds to it. That might be the case if all things are created equal. But they are not. In the first episode, I talked about the energy link between prosperity and location. The very energy of the soil is a strong influencer on your ability to create wealth, and how this knowledge is held in geomancy and Feng Shui.

In this second episode, I'm talking about how our pineal gland. Our pineal gland is the key to achieving enhanced states of quantum consciousness. Today I take a brief dive into neurochemistry to explain how our biological link to the earth is a further factor in how we create our reality.

In this episode you will learn:

* How the pineal gland and quantum manifestation are entwined

* How the day and night cycle creates our most powerful hallucinogenic neurochemistry

* How we need to do more than visualise, write affirmations and create a vision board to achieve success

* How place and people are in a feedback loop when it comes to wealth or poverty.

* How success or failure is not just a matter of mindset

Resources: If you are wondering if the energy in your home is supportive or blocking your endeavours download my home energy assessment here.

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