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Trust, fear and making a success of things

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

These past few weeks, as I’ve been immersed in creating Replenish, my brand-new 5-week intensive business alchemy mastermind, the sheer exhilaration of making something that’s never existed before has swept me past doubt, and all the other clamorous demons of failure hiding in the corners of my mind yelling out their warnings of impending doom.

Last week, too, I opened registration for Replenish.

Replenish is a radiant new creation, and offer her gifts to those of you whom she is here to serve. It has been a joyous process, bringing this offer into being. It's a way of rekindling the love or creating the foundation for the relationship you have with your business and its Soul. There have been nights when I have been awoken from my sleep, the dreams that woke me leave me with a sense of panic & fear that I cannot create something so exotically different for the business world, what if this beauty is not welcomed and received? What if? says my fearful mind and tender heart in the dark of 2 am. What if you don’t see how relevant she is? What if she is too much 'woo', or not enough that business strategy, for you? I know the power of her presence though, I know she's exceptional. I know, from long experience, what creative transformations happen when women come together to support each other in our desire to create within the worlds of our businesses living proof of the world in which we want to live. And yet, what if I haven’t been clear enough in describing Replenish's power, her potential to help you transform your life and the world of your business? What if all these weeks of dreaming and writing and making, all the work I have so lovingly placed in service to bringing Replenish to you — what if the unique power and beauty of this life I’ve tended to is lost in the deafening roar of an overheated marketplace? Replenish is born from years of learning - from my beginnings as a dowser and geomancer when I first became aware of the Spirit of Place when working with agricultural businesses. I spent years playing with landscape Angels testing, refining in a deliberate process of ongoing embodiment in relationship with the work. So that it lives in me forever, woven into my creative DNA, woven into every cell of my incarnation. This is also how I teach. And the reason I invite you to join me in Replenish. What you learn with your intellect must live in your heart and belly, your body, your bones and cells — your daily life. This is what’s woven into Replenish. It’s not an offering you simply receive, but one you participate in making through your own engagement and generative activity. We create this experience together. Above all, joy! If you’ve read this far, I trust that you want this too. Our businesses respond to the specific needs of the communities we serve. Those needs are both in-the-now — strategy and action to bring vision to life, to serve your community’s everyday needs — and they include deeper, universal, soul desires that are as essential as breath: Love. Belonging. Relationality. Devotion. Beauty. Understanding. Purpose. Communion. Joy. How we navigate these imperatives and meet them in the world of our businesses shapes the work that will continue to serve and bless beyond our lifetimes. This is the heart of conscious business. When you make something that’s built to last, in a culture that values immediacy, instant gratification, moving fast and breaking things, the what-ifs have a field day. Yet what-ifs aren’t always demons — they can be angels too. What if you listened to the deeper pulse of your soul? What if you chose luscious nourishment over the mouth-feel of fast food? What if you built your business to create and offer that which will live and serve life beyond you? Replenish is an immersive experience — 5 spacious, lovingly crafted, fully supported weeks for you to renew your relationship with your soul, and the soul of your business. The mentoring starts 09 Jan with a self-study preparation phase in December. Please click here to learn more and to register. Spots are limited for this intimate and deeply supportive mastermind. If this speaks to you, I’d love to meet you there.

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