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The Paradox of Power & Powerlessness

Have you ever pondered the paradox of power and powerlessness that we often encounter in our lives? Despite possessing the cosmic energy of stars and galaxies within us — in our very essence, in our breath, in our bones — why do we sometimes feel a sense of powerlessness?

In our connection to the landscape and the creative power that permeates nature, we witness the immense strength and vitality that surrounds us. The roaring oceans, the towering mountains, and the vibrant forests exude a sense of authority and resilience. Yet, despite being in tune with this natural force, we may struggle to harness that same power in our own lives.

As individuals deeply connected to the earth and the energies that flow through us, we may sometimes find ourselves amidst a world that often emphasizes our limitations. The constant bombardment of messages telling us what we lack, what we need to be happy or successful, can lead us astray from our true essence.

Silhouette of one fighter beating another

When we start believing that we are not sufficient, we begin to detach from ourselves, our bodies, and the sacredness within us. This disconnection then extends to our relationship with the earth and all living beings around us. It's no surprise that we lose touch with the innate power we once effortlessly embodied as young children.

Childhood serves as a period of learning and exploration, where we begin to understand the concept of power. Unlike adults, children are unburdened by guilt and shame, freely expressing their desires without reservation. However, as we grow, societal norms and expectations shape us, teaching us to conform and suppress our true feelings and desires.

Through this process of societal conditioning, we often distance ourselves from our authentic selves, numbing our desires and relinquishing our power. This perceived powerlessness further perpetuates systems of control and abuse that favour a select few at the expense of the majority.

In the face of such imbalances of power, some may shy away from embracing their own power for fear of its corrupting nature, while others may succumb to feelings of anger, blame, or helplessness. However, it's crucial to remember that power is an inherent aspect of our souls, an essence that cannot be stripped away.

True power, when wielded in alignment with love and wholeness, becomes a transformative and creative force. It transcends the boundaries of ideology and victimhood, offering a path towards collaborative action and service to the greater good.

As beings deeply connected to the energies of the universe, we possess the ability to tap into the vast powers of creation within us. The powers of the cosmos, the Earth, and the sun reside in our very energy bodies, waiting to be harnessed through conscious awareness and skillful practice.

Embracing our power as a force for love and harmony opens up a realm of limitless possibilities, allowing us to contribute positively to the world and manifest our truest selves in service to the greater whole.

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