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I'm going to say it, the word that strikes, fear, anxiety and dread into the heart of every entrepreneur.. recession. But if you want your business to thrive, let alone survive you must not succumb to those dark feelings. It is often out of the most challenging time when our best idea rises like the Pheonix from the flames!

Whatever the crisis, whether recession or some other event in our lives, here are 7 things that I focus on to get me through rough waters. Start incorporating these strategies, which can radically uplevel you not just your business, but your life, and you'll be able to navigate your way through any storms that come your way.

Reframe your perspective This is such a powerful tool to help you get through any challenge. Instead of seeing challenges as a problem, reframe it as an opportunity. There are always hidden opportunities in every setback. Think about what your business needs you to do to get through this. What skills and value do you offer? Can you offer new offers of services? What can you offer that serves your clients and enables you to stay connected to your vision of success?

Develop a success mindset.

Make a conscious effort to work on your success mindset. Firstly, develop a bias towards action. Procrastination and perfectionism are not your friends. If you looking at making new offers in new formats that keep the needle moving, throw out ideas at the wall and see which ones stick. Then make it happen. Don't compare yourself to others, stay in your lane and stay focused. Don't give up, remember the experience you are having right now is the one you need. How do you know that? It's the experience you are having! Finally, keep selling! Selling is a sacred act, and if you don't keep showing up, your ideal clients aren't going to find what they need to solve their problems.

Check-in with the Soul of your business

Your business has its own Soul, or Deva, which holds the energetic blueprint for the perfect unfolding of your success. It will be a guide through difficulties if you listen. Focus on your needs in terms in terms of income for the short, and long term, and see what solutions are presented. Focus on your big "why" and see what offers or services want to emerge. How can you shepherd them into manifest form? Where do you need to increase your capacity to allow that emergence?

Get visible and position yourself as an expert

Now is the time to get your business seen. Use social media and SEO, be a guest expert for others, guest blog, speak on stages, use PR, and start your own podcast. Do whatever you can to get in front of people.

Go above and beyond for your audience No matter what’s going on in the world, people aren’t going to stop wanting and needing things — so use this opportunity to go above and beyond to serve your audience. How can you show up and be of service? How can you add value? Think creatively about ways to do this in a crisis… maybe your struggles or the struggles that your audience is going through could spark your next big idea.

Immerse yourself in learning When we learn, we expand our skills. When we focus on growing, we grow. In a crisis, there are so many things that are outside of our control… but we can always keep learning and expanding our minds. It’s especially helpful to read inspiring stories about how other people built their businesses during challenging times (Airbnb is a good one to start with!)

Surround yourself with the right people If you’re spending time with people who are stuck in a negative mindset, then it’s going to be harder for you to break out of it. Instead, surround yourself with people who dream big and aren’t afraid to face challenges.

I go into more detail on each of these tips in this podcast episode, so I really hope you enjoy it and find it helpful!

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