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Into the Labyrinth...

I became fascinated by labyrinths many years ago. Mention labyrinths and some people will recall the legend of Theseus and the Minotaur. Fewer still are familiar with the labyrinth symbol, which occurs around the world in different cultures at different times. This symbol whose origin is mysterious can be traced back 4000 years.

Great, you say, but what has an ancient symbol got to do with life today? The continued appeal of the labyrinth provides a clue to the universal fascination. Learn the process of the labyrinth, a path for the eye and the feet to follow and you will be provided with an insight into the labyrinth that is life itself.

More important, it provides a chance to take part in a unicursal ritual unchanged for 1000's of years: a chance to feel the labyrinth for yourself. But this ritual is not concerned with the past, it centres on your present, and future.

I have had many wonderful experiences of labyrinths. I met an enormous nature spirit in the form of a white stag (think of Harry Potters Petronas) at the Troy Labyrinth in Somerton, Oxfordshire. I could see the creature and knew that it was inviting us to leave. The evening was becoming night: that magical phase of twilight. It was a special day in the Celtic wheel and the labyrinth positively 'hummed'. Humans were not invited to the party. I bowed, gave thanks and made my way out as quickly and quietly as possible. However, my companion was a speeding dot several years away. She had fled white-faced with terror back to our accommodation when she felt what she described as a great big shove that left her in no doubt she wasn't welcome.

Labyrinths are amazing tools and they work real magic. You can walk them, dance them, sing them with a unique song. I use them often in rituals and ceremonies and one of my favourite uses is as a problem-solving tool. The classical 7 circuit labyrinth is perfect for this. We can focus on a problem, challenge or opportunity that we face and walk the unicursal 7 circuit path towards our goals (desired outcome). As we do we centre ourselves into the chakra energy system to get a 360-degree overview of all the challenge entails. During this process we connect with our Spirit Guide, Guardian angel or even the Deva of the challenge and ask for guidance. We always receive guidance with this method. On the outward journey, we reengage with the chakra centres to develop the solution path to achieve our goals in accordance with the divinely presented guidance.

It is an amazing experience that never ceases to amaze those that participate in this ceremony. Best of all you can do this with a simple printed labyrinth and walk it with your fingers. Whilst I'm planning a firewalk and labyrinth ceremony in person when travel restrictions are fully eased, we're not quite there yet!

So I'm inviting you to an online ceremony to celebrate Imbolc on Feb 01, when the seeds of our latent potential begin to emerge in the real world. Many of us are facing challenges, it's been a tough couple of years and many things will never be the same again. Having a tool that will help you to work through challenges in a way that blends your intuition and rational minds is a game-changer. This is such a powerful tool that I want to make it as accessible as possible! You can join now for £111 GBP by clicking the link below. But hurry, as the price will go up to £333 on the 26th January!

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