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Knowing the unknowable

Let's get one thing straight. Dowsing works.

It's a simple modality for getting the answer to any question you choose to ask. It is a way of accessing our higher consciousness and the Universal field of information.

Answers to questions that you may believe you have no way of knowing, are accessible to you.

I was asked recently by someone how they can become more confident in their dowsing responses. I should at this point say I’m a professional dowser with many years of experience, in fact, my first experience of dowsing was aged 9, locating the site of a borehole, and dowsing remained one of my subversive activities for many years until I couldn't contain it any longer and I turned professional.

Initially, I answered this person with a brief reply about checking the yes/no response and "programming your pendulum". (I was in a bit of a hurry when we bumped into each other) But like me, this person wasn’t very satisfied with those answers.

I’d given a brief demo on dowsing using a 5mm nut on a piece of cotton, how on earth did you programme a nut?  And I’d said that the "nut" holding the string was doing the dowsing by accessing quantum information fields, so the tool was actually giving a graphical explanation of an answer from the subconscious.  

This person was trying to use dowsing for self-improvement.  We are in the eternal dilemma of the fact that the person who needs improving is self, this same self is trying to be the improver, yet obviously lacks the skills and knowledge, or they would in fact be improved. 

So I thought, OK.  This is a learning example for me.  This person was drawn to me as a teacher, felt empathy with my style and knowledge, and I want to give them what I think and how I feel about this.  Cue a visit to a coffee shop and a lengthy debate and conversation then ensued. They’re parting remark was ‘You know, I think other people would find this really helpful.  So I decided to write a blog and share the key points of our conversation. 

How can I be confident in my dowsing?  Not as simple as it sounds!  We need to stake a step back and look at who we are, what we are dowsing and why?

When you’re learning to dowse, don’t forget that you are in fact learning.  And learning anything to proficiency takes time and application.  We all have setbacks, but giving up at the first hurdle is like letting the other three tyres down on your car because you have one flat!  

But let's be honest here, learning anything new, where there is the possibility of failure, whether that be dowsing or any other new thing, does push our self-confidence buttons when we get to little hurdles.  

When we’re dowsing around issues of personal development, are we sure we can succeed in our dreams?  We may have an emotional attachment to the things we are dowsing, major life changes such as diet, exercise, where you live and who you live with, where you work etc etc.  You may currently that you don’t feel you have the skills or bravery to deal with taking the action required from your dowsing when you’ve identified what changes to make.  It’s important not to give up, and this is where self-belief comes in.  There are three main thoughts that can be self-sabotage when it comes to being good at, and successful at something 

  • I don’t have what it takes to succeed

  • I could never do that

  • I don’t have the skill or talent

I don’t have what it takes to succeed

In order to achieve success you need to commit to making change. 

Setting goals is the first step towards tuning that invisible vision in your head into something visible and tangible.  Map out your goals.  

Where do you want to live?  Describe your house in detail.

How many hours a week do you want to work? How much do you want to be earning?

What clothes are you wearing?  Really pin down your goals in detail.  You need to teach your mind to leave the scarcity mentality.  If you look around you and all you see is lack, that is all you will manifest.

Be specific about your goals.  How are you going to measure the results and progress made? Are they achievable, realistic and anchored within a time frame? Identify the best ways to measure the changes that will make you feel good, dowse for the timeline to achieve them.

Dowsing can be used to change your habitual thinking habits.  Habits are learnt, and can be unlearnt and replaced with something better.  Dowse with positive options as your outcomes, not the outcomes that recreate more of your current reality  Learn to see opportunities and not obstacles. 

I could never do that

Fear of failure is the number one fear that holds us back from success in all areas of our life.  But failure is a lie, it’s a false idol.  Fear destroys our psychology and immobilises and even paralyses us from taking action.  Fear is hard-wired into us, nothing we can do in our lifetime will take away fear. It’s an instinctual response to keep us safe, an evolutionary lifesaver.  The secret is learning how to use fear instead of fear using you.  

How do we do that?  With love and gratitude.  There is no failure, only experience.  And experience is a valuable commodity.  Why? Because all our experiences, both good and bad, happen for us, not to us.  They are a gift, a learning opportunity.  Once you recognise the value of fear you can start to identify what you need to learn from the experiences.  What was the lesson for you?   Perhaps you don’t know how to handle bullies?  Do you succumb to pressure to do too much for others and don’t put yourself first?  Without your learning from that experience, you wouldn’t be able to be here now, , knowing what you know, moving forward and perhaps even using that experience to help others, to give forward.  Be grateful to the bully, be that the kid at school, your boss or your ex-partner l.  That gratitude can also help you forgive and love.

You are in a place in yourself now where you can use dowsing and other techniques to release yourself from the energy of these fears.

In dowsing, this thought can manifest to sabotage us when we get an answer that we don’t then know how to deal with.  So our dowsing responses can appear inconsistent because they are mirroring these internal mental doubts. 

I don’t have the skills or talent

One of the common problems you’ll be faced with when dowsing professionally is people asking why you charge for your gift.  Dowsing is a gift in that it is an innate ability that the entire human race was gifted with in creation.  How skilled you become is down to practise and application.  We can all put some paint on a piece of paper but we’re not Monet or Rembrant, who spent years crafting their skill.

Most people require training in anything new.  Life requires progress, so keep learning.  To grow and find fulfilment you must decide that stasis is not an option.  Doing what you’ve always done only gives you more of the same. Be the creator of your own reality, turn uncertainty into action.  Focus on the vision. Decide and commit.

The other important aspect of dowsing is intuition, your gut instinct.  Listen to your instinct, but instinct is less about ‘knowing the right answer and more about knowing which information can be discarded, so therefore we also need our intelligence.  Let me explain that a bit further.  Let me put this simply.  If you sit in a chair and o lots of dowsing, once questioned following the previous answer, you are not actually using your intelligence.  But if you take a dive into the subject and study numerous possibilities, you are exercising intelligence when your gut instinct tells you what is and isn’t important.

I believe in the power of disciplined intuition. Do your legwork, use your brain, share your logical arguments and information and others are more likely to respect and trust your intuition.

So read, read, read, from viable sources, rigorous work.  I read all sorts of publication depending on how I’m trying to help my client. I read veterinary publications for horses, I read about geology, landscape and its role in Identity, archaeology, agricultural research studies for those working with the land, all sort of academic publication of mental physical and emotional well-being for health clients.  Never stop learning!

The ‘I don’t have the skills or talent’ inhibiting thought is the one that makes our dowsing skill when we insuffient knowledge of a subject to work with our gut.  

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