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[Magic Monday] - don't be afraid to relinquish what is at odds with your core business qualities

We are two weeks away from Samhain, the start of the Celtic year. We have almost completed the ritual circle of the year, we are being drawn deeper into the spiral of energy, like a coiled spring winding tight for the shortest day.

As we enter the dark feminine phase, and our thoughts and emotions turn inwards in the darkness, it's a time to be still, and patient. Embrace the darkness, it gives us the courage to see things through. In divine order, the light will return and we can venture into fresh territory with confidence.

Right now, as energy becomes scarce and fallow over the winter months, now is the time to relinquish doing things and action taking that is at odds with the core qualities of our business.

In this video, I talk about balancing the needs of social media with our own needs. But you may equally have systems of processes that are preventing you from working in unity with your business deva.

What do you feel your clients appreciate being available in your business? And what do they appreciate the absence of?

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