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The sacred trinity

When I was a child, everything spoke to me. I experienced everything in my world with an intense sense of connection and oneness. My body and senses allowed me to blend and merge with the natural world. I was not bounded by my body, or limited to my own headspace. I have very early memories of simply sending my awareness outside of my body to anywhere I like around my home. I could drift formlessly through the house and garden, and see what people when doing as I lay in my cot.

Some will dismiss this as imagination or dreams but it was not. As it's something I have continued to do my whole life. It's an interesting experience. It started with an almost dreamlike quality, I am both in my head, and outside of it. I am in two states simultaneously. And then there is this feeling of a huge expanse opening up and I enter a space between behind everything and permeating everything. The physical world becomes small, a construct of this energetic space. I always thought of it as "backstage" It's where all the work goes on to present the theatre of life. The players are so immersed that they don't see beyond the stage and are so emotionally attached to the story they are blinded to its limitations.

I spent hours and hours in this space as a child. At times I would have the sense of riding on huge waves of energy, its peaks and troughs were kaleidoscopic and it formed huge vaulted spaces. It's so hard to describe, but it was geometry in motion.

I felt at one with everything, I was boundless and limitless, free, loved, powerful, and creative. There was a consciousness within that space like nothing else, the mind of the Universe. Of course, as a child, I couldn't articulate that and it's only as I've grown older and read widely have I come to appreciate how special this experience is.

Well into my teens, I was in an ecstatic, loving relationship with everything around me. The natural world — but also my bike and my art box, the piano I played, the chairs I curled up in to read, the fires I sat by which burned turf that smelled of Irish bogs and whose ash turned to the burnt orange and ochre colours of autumn leaves, the leather boots I wore to race through long grass to hidden springs and sacred mounds. I spent a lot of time in altered states of consciousness achieved at sacred sites due to the influence of earth energy on the electromagnetic fields of the pineal gland. The earth and its levels of consciousness are our routes into other worlds.

As life progressed into adulthood, motherhood and career - and things began to fall apart - the natural world, its spirits, rhythms and cycles offered me comfort. I know that my day-to-day experience was just the front-of-stage performance, backstage in the realm of energy and consciousness was where the magic happened. I had become trapped in the play and I needed to exit stage left!

Out of my heart-relationship with Spirits of the land, I began to expand into delve deep into my personal power, consciousness and the mechanism of creation.

I returned the fundamental geomantic paradigms of dowsing, earth energy and the spirit of place, sacred geometry to use this knowledge as a doorway into other worlds. I reconnected with Spirit, not only in Nature, but the spirit of all things, such as my house, my business, and the Spirits of Provision and Sustenance who hold the energy blueprint of money.

We exist in a multitude of nested energy ecologies - our own energy, our family and ancestral energy, the energy of the place where we live, and the energy of the projects we create to enhance our lives and the lives of others. No aspect of our existence is separate from the other, and as such we are connected to all things.

Everything is interconnected. By blending dowsing, geomancy and Spirit connection in a triad of energy alchemy I let myself receive the love, and blessings of intangible and unseen forces of creation. I feel my deep, deep gratitude for them, for the love and tenderness they offer, for the beauty of their being. I feel my cells filling up with their blessings, with these qualities of soul so generously shared by everything in my world.

Physical form, energetic form, and consciousness are the three facets through which we are in a relationship with all things. We may experience all three, two or only one form in our interaction. The Spirit of your home has physical, energetic and conscious forms, yet the Spirit of Joy has an energetic and conscious form, but the physical expressions are as wide-ranging as watching a sunset to the loving embrace of another. But when you open yourself to connection in any of these three guises, it changes your body, your heart, and your relationship with the world.

Every breath becomes a reminder that you are in loving relationship with the very air you breathe. Every breath is an opportunity and a choice — to be in love, to take in love, to extend love. Each ordinary action of your day becomes a blessing, taking you deeper into relationship, deeper into incarnation.

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