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The Subtle Art Of Wholeness

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Everything changed for me when I read Wholeness and the Implicate Order by David Bohm many years ago. The blend of quantum mechanics and spirituality articulated in almost prosaic words theorists the Universe as an unbroken whole.

Quantum science is liberating because it gives you control over your own future, and the goal of both ancient and contemporary wisdom is to determine the direction of your destiny.

You direct your experience and achieve joy and success through your interaction with the Universal Laws. When we consciously choose to work with these laws in our thoughts and action, in our connection with the earth we develop soul leadership, energy intelligence and embody the subtle art of wholeness.

The circumstances of your life are not based on random and uncontrollable occurrences. This is both disempowering and misrepresentative.

For the first time, I felt that someone had put words to the feelings of my Soul. I was part of something much greater, beautifully and powerfully awe-inspiring. Yet at an individual level I felt disconnected and powerless., thrown about and tossed in the waves and turmoil of day-to-day living.

The principles of energy and consciousness opened my eyes to a new world of endless possibilities. The energy patterns in nature can be applied to any situation and bring about incredible results.

I took a renewed interest in my spiritual practices of observing the Celtic Wheel, Sacred Space and dowsing as a means to tune into natural energy. Since ancient times we have used intuitive tools, and natural earth energy to enhance our connection to nature's energetic patterns and potent places to enhance our lives.

The energetic patterns of personal power and the mechanisms of consciousness are the two most important factors affecting the outcomes of your goals.

Do you want:

More income?

better relationships?

A thriving business?

Good health?

To experience divine connection?

To communicate with unseen helpers such as Deva, Angels, Nature Spirits or your own Higher Self?

All these things are both possible and interconnected in the Quantum Field. Because everything is part of the Wholeness and the Implicate Order.

The best way to embrace this concept is through this simple analogy.

"I am not a drop in the ocean, I am the entire ocean in one drop"

It is what you do with your consciousness and energy that determines the outcome of your experience as you contain the same essence and power that makes all things. This is an empowering truth.

Though you may not be aware of it the Universal Laws influence every aspect of your existence.

We live with unending possibilities, all it takes is a small shift in energy to create immediate and far-reaching change in your reality. But you must be willing to explore new frontier and take a journey into inner space.

I have found some of the simplest tools, such as fully embracing the Celtic Wheel to attune to, and observe the natural rhythms and cycles in our lives and businesses profoundly beneficial.

Sacred Space holds natural earth energy fields that can enhance the electromagnetism of the crystal in our pineal gland enabling us to have altered states of consciousness to maintain health and well-being, and receive divine guidance.

Dowsing is a tool of personal power as it allows us to explore energy and consciousness, and find the answers to questions we have no other way of knowing. When we are working with energy intuition is our access point into subtle realms, but dowsing enables us to take that energy and turn it into a tangible framework that we can take focused action up.

These three tools are ancient wisdom-seeking mechanisms that are still relevant in today's contemporary world.

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