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The Wheel of Time in Life and Business

Today I want to share with you the benefit of doing business in alignment with the cycles of time. The Celtic Wheel is a system I have used for many years. There is a natural cycle of dormancy, emergence, growth, blossoming, harvest, taking stock and a return to dormancy. In nature, this is evident in the seasons. But this cycle exists in all aspects of our life, nature and the wider Universe. When we live in attunement to these rhythms and cycles can understand why we are where we are, and it affords us the luxury of being able to see what comes next.

Samhain is the dance of opposites so it's our opportunity to embrace the powerful tension and friction that lie within this phase. Samhain brings the Cailleach, the Crone, and this dark feminine energy brings cleansing darkness and destruction.

Today I talk about embracing the Crone and embracing the darkness of not knowing what yet wants to emerge.

Divine Timing is my monthly subscription that allows you to work with the Cycle of Time in the year which you can find here.


Divine Timing

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