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Voices of the Past

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

You carry a vast lineage in your energy field. Your story is woven through every cell of your body, every expression, every movement, every thought and emotion. But it is not just your story, it is the history of your family, your people, and all those who have come before you.. Within this energy is a vast encyclopaedia of the lessons learned in all those lives.

We follow the same habits of being as all before us because these habits were successful. They worked because people survived. This morphic resonance binds humanity collectively through time and space.

Morphic resonance (or energetic blueprints) can potentially explain how the human species advances. Inherent information in the collective field allows us to improve in skills and performance as we each are able to learn things faster.

It also means that there are memories in this field that we can access. Implicit whispers of knowledge lost, past rituals no longer performed and ways of being that we no longer consciously embody.

So often we take for granted what is 'normal' - attending school, work, societal roles and expectations. We could argue that are all created by morphic resonance as humanity self-organises. We are often not consciously aware of familial and societal norms we enact every day

But habits don't account for change and advancement that is the result of creativity. Habits create the status quo, creativity drives change.

Spiritual awakenings are our individual drive for creativity. We each have something to offer the world and if society is to evolve and avoid stagnation we must offer it up in service to evolution.

This is personally challenging. Creativity involves risk, doing things that are not within the collective consciousness. Its roots may be held there, but the new growths are ours to create.

This requires us to innovate, to change, to be different as we stand on the shoulders of our predecessors.

Spiritual awakening is the process of change, as we forge new ways we add to the morphic resonance or collective knowing. If you are experiencing your awakening and recognise that your soul's desire is calling, that your life is not all that you would wish, this is your individual contribution to collective advancement.

As parts of society seem hell-bent on hurtling towards self-destruction, there are equally parts of reject this path, who feel the call to connect with something bigger than themselves, to be a force for good.

It can be overwhelming. You may ask yourself "Who am I to do this", or "How can I make a difference?".

But you are not alone, while the energetic blueprint of humanity lives its habits it also holds the seeds of innovation. You are not the first to seek change.

Embrace the energy of uncertainty, welcome the vibration you experience as fear. Feel it and know it is part of the change.

Unconsciously you are more ready for it than you know. Centre yourself, be in the moment and take control of the stress or fear. They will only cause you to lose contact with the moment if you decide to be their slave, and not their master.

When you take command, and embrace each experience amazing things happen to your energy.

Your aura holds the energetic blueprint of the Universe in microcosm. When you choose to honour habits AND embrace creativity in your life your aura changes, patterns and forms emerge with new vibrancy and motion increases.

The aura is of course in constant motion and exhibits many simultaneous forms: a toroid, a spiral, a grid and others. These forms are generative, degenerative and regenerative. You can create your blueprint anew by building on what was there before.

Be aware that the tension, uncertainty and emotional challenges you may face at awakening are part of something bigger. You are a water droplet in the tide of change. The Universe wants you to be creative, so go out there, and do your thing.

Forge new paths, and new ways of living a fuller, richer and joyful life. Be a wayfinder.

Build your creative knowledge into the energetic blueprint of all things. That is your legacy.

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