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Water dowsing... from 1,500 miles away!

One summer, almost twenty years ago I was approached by a couple who had just bought a non-irrigated farm in a remote mountainous part of Bulgaria, with absolutely no mains services attached. This meant they would need copious amounts of water and fast!

Before leaving they spoke to me about dowsing for a suitable site for a well if I thought that there may be water on their plot. I was provided with some photos of the land showing the type of grass growing, a tiny photocopied road map (on which they weren't certain of their location) and a drawing; not even to scale depicting their house & outbuildings with some rough measurements on. I promised to do my best but I felt positive on instinct that we would find water.

The wife left for Bulgaria ahead of her husband, and found she couldn't get a well dug safely but would be able to have a borehole drilled. I have to confess I was a little concerned about having to be so very precise with a water borehole (a couple of inches can make the difference betwe a hit and miss even with onsite dowsing) without any proper scale guidance or accurate plotting on the plans I had, but I agreed to have a dowse...

I remotely tuned in to the location and used my remote viewing ability to look at the land and the energy features I can see, I assessed the lie of the land and concentrated on finding not just water, but a clean and replenishable source. I sensed what I believed to be a suitable water course & I used dowsing to confirm its location, potability, flow rate, the most suitable sites for borehole drilling and the depth at which the water would be found.

When the husdband went out to Bulgaria to join his wife, he took the drawings I'd marked, showing the underground stream passing across the property, which hadn't been tapped into by anyone else since it left its source in the mountains, I said it would be perfectly drinkable. I had drawn a depiction of its course and marked out in detail the best sites for drilling.

The husband was a total sceptic and didn't believe that this could possibly be right, but they needed water so they called in the drilling team.

The drilling team brought a local dowser with them as they thought the foolish English people wouldn't know what they were doing. The husband watched in disbelief as the Bulgarian began to follow a strangely familiar course across their property.

The wife pulled out my drawing and they watched him trace the same line I had indicated. He marked out 3 spots he felt would be best for drilling and an examination of the map found they matched mine IDENTICALLY. With high hopes, they asked the team to drill two of the spots with their 8" diameter drill. Both times they hit water, and lots of it.

I am reliably informed that the husband was dumbfounded and the wife was satisfactorily smug.

A while later they sent samples of the water to a city laboratory for a full analysis, completely confident that this water was safe to drink, after I had accurately spotted it from 1,500 miles away.

Whilst they awaited the results, the no-longer-so-sceptic Mick confided in Amelia that he had actually drank some anyway - he trusted me as I'd been right about the water from 1500 miles away!!

The water analysis report confirmed my dowsing, the water was well within safe drinking parameters. In fact, the only recommendation they could make was for the use of a particle filter, as new boreholes supplies can have tiny particles of sand in them temporarily while they bed down.

I am pleased to report that in over 20 years there has been no problem with water supply. It is gratifying to know that distance really is no object when dowsing and that dowsing is a skill that can be of such benefit.

I share this story because I want you to know that we ALL have the capacity to discover that which we thought was undiscoverable through dowsing. With patience and persistence, and opening yourself to receiving energy and information from the Universe, anything is possible!

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