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Where worlds meet

Very early in childhood, I had my first experience of the "other-worldly". I recall my first encounter as vividly as if it was yesterday. It was an experience that I believe prevented many doors from closing in my mind as I grew older.

Humans have enormous potential but it's as if we spend most of our lives living in just a tiny room when the wonder of the Universe occurs outside of those four walls.

Those walls with which we frame our reality aren't as rigid in childhood. We have yet to learn what to believe is possible and what is not, we don't have the same biases or cognitive dissonance.

As children many of us experienced moments of deep connection and bliss out in Nature. We had a sense that there was more to reality than the world we experienced.

In fact for many children, myself included, it was far more than a sense, it was a very real experience. I didn't realise how common until I got older and until I have my own children. I began to look back at some of my experiences and wonder just how common they are.

Let's take the example of children who have experienced seeing 'beings' in their houses. Tales of figures who walk nightly across landings, or who walk through walls. It's a lot more common than you might imagine. I've read thousands of tales of children seeing tall, angular beings with long arms, some are grey or black in colour, some with glowing red eyes, and some appear to be pale with glowing black eyes. Humanoid, but not human. The stuff of nightmares even.

I was reminded very much of my own childhood experiences when my daughter began seeing, and drawing these figures. While some speak of 'aliens' I prefer to think of them as interdimensional beings. I suspect that the form that we see them take is perhaps an archetype held in our collective unconscious, We cloth our experience in a form that we can recognise, and make some sense of it, as countless before us have done. Whether that form is created through the observer, or the being itself I don't know. Maybe it's a bit of both as we both attempt to find a means to communicate or experience a shared reality.

I have seen many 'beings' in y life. As I mentioned the earliest was very early in my childhood, when I shared a room with my brother and I must have been no more than three years old. I can see the room now, my bed facing the slightly ajar door, and the landing light entering the room. I could hear my parents talking downstairs, and my brother breathing in the adjacent bed.

I became aware of a light emanating from the opposite corner of the room. I turned to look, and floating several inches below the ceiling was a short figure. Very much like a creature from children's nursery rhyme book was a short, rotund elf-like figure with rather yellow skin. He wore a pair of jaunty blue and white striped trousers with a large black belt and gold buckle, and a red shirt. He wore the trousers so high over his round stomach that the belt was under his arms and over his chest! A dagger was tucked in one side of the belt. He had a bald head and pointed ears and he was industriously writing in a very old and somewhat worn, leather-bound ledger. I could hear the quill scratching on the paper.

Even more bizarrely, floating next to him in mid-air was a glass laboratory flask where some green liquid was bubbling ad emitting a cloud of vapour.

I could still hear my parent talking as I stared at its strange apparition. There was no fear, I felt safe. This was quite unusual as I suffered from nightmares and night terrors as a kid - which I suspect were past life memories but that's an entirely different blog! and I tried to twist quietly in bed so I could see him more clearly. At my movement, he glanced up and seemed extremely surprised to see me looking back at him.

He closes his book with a snap and floated down from the ceiling quite near to me. He gave off a strange glow as he watched me for a moment. I daren't speak as I peered over my bedding at him. Then behind him, again in the top corner of the room, a pinprick of brilliant white light appeared, It grew bigger and bigger until it the figure was framed against it. He entered the light backwards, still looking at me, and I realised it was a long tunnel of light as he receded far into the distance until he was no more than a tiny dot. Then the light went out.

That was not the last time I saw that figure, in fact, he became a regular visitor for many years. His appearance changed as I grew older, as we used various archetypal images to create a shared experience together. I would astrally accompany my friend into the tunnel of light, and visit strange places and spaces, other realities. Some had forms like our own world, others were whirling kaleidoscopic spaces with huge forces of energy that buffeted my being, with enormous peaks and troughs of energy like broiling seas. Many of the experiences were ineffable and there is simply not the language to describe them. But the connection to all, the oneness and completeness never leaves me. It is bliss.

He showed me the walls of the mind and I had an invitation not to build them in my own mind. I could already see people's auras and charkas, I could see the energy around plants and animals, energy in the landscape, I could see other energy beings I thought of as fairies, I could leave my body astrally or mentally go to places without my body coming along for the ride which developed into remote viewing, and much, much more besides. The option presented to me was to build the walls and block out the expanded awareness, or not to build the walls and come and experience something beyond our 3D reality. I chose the latter.

I've spent a lifetime studying psychology, parapsychology, science and spirituality. What we know is that with the right techniques, everyone is capable of activating their energy centres and mind to feel that love and bliss that comes with connection. We don't have to stay in the same closed room, Your mind has doorways that you can open with the right techniques and practice. If you don't know where to start check out the amazing work of Dr Joe Dispenza and start with his breathwork technique. It's a powerful technique for body, mind and spirit.

I can promise you it'll be worth the effort of making this a daily practice. You might not see little yellow men in stripey trousers, but you will certainly open your own doors.

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